Getting Started with Openstack

Hello and welcome to my blog, Here we’ll be talking about all the exciting projects that I encounter in my daily life (off course the bugs and error too :p).  So lets start with the openstack first. It is being said that openstack is future of cloud computing and it is since a wide majority of industry is using this and the number is increasing exponentially.

So what openstack is, It is basically an opensource project designed to manage clouds, started back in 2010. since then there are constant releases of openstack with more and more exciting projects in every release. It consists a multiple interrelated components which controls the pool of compute, networking and storage resources which includes

  • Nova
  • Glance
  • Neutron
  • Horizon
  • Keystone
  • Cinder
  • Swift
  • Heat

A brief overview of all the above mentioned components can be found art their wikipedia page but as a developer you’re always welcome to visit their official docs on their official page  🙂

I’ll be discussing all these components one by one in my next posts but that’s just a start we’ll be jumping to installation and  code examples too, since that’s the most exciting feature of openstack. But until then I’m leaving you with this link which’ll motivate you towards openstack. So keep calm and cloud ONNN.. 😛




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